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Our Team of Highly Trained & Qualified Associates will make sure you are 100% Satisfied. 

We use only top quality products and we provide the best warranties in business. 

We service the Interior of BC but we are willing to travel wherever you need us. 

All-Pro Commitment to PFAS-Free Artificial Turf

The use of PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) in consumer products has raised a lot of concern. All-Pro is committed to providing a safer, healthier alternative for both residential and commercial spaces. We do not use these substances in our products. read more….

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Our Guarantee!

All Pro Surface Solutions excels in providing top-quality artificial grass and rubber paving solutions.

With durable materials and expert installation, they ensure long-lasting results.

Their eco-friendly approach, customizable designs, and commitment to customer satisfaction make All-Pro

the ideal choice for your outdoor surfacing needs.

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Synthetic Grass & Golf Greens

Welcome to All Pro Surfaces, the most trusted artificial turf specifically designed to endure harsh Canadian climates and manufactured exclusively in the US.

Rubber Flooring

All Pro Surfaces is BC’s #1 source for top quality rubber products at great prices. We have aligned ourselves with the very best raw material providers to produce our top of the line rubber products.

Canada's Leading Brand of Artificial Turf Superior Quality, Exceptional Warranties, Proven Systems

Why Progreen Canada

Details Matter


ProGreen Canada proudly offers some meaningful product enhancements new for 2022, featuring the combining of distinctively shaped fibres interspersed through multiple products. The mixing of the distinctive fibre combinations was purposely designed to add to lifelike grass realism and functionally help prevent the grass fibres from flattening with regular use. Our Natural Real Series of grasses now contains our standard diamond-shaped fibre blended with a new “S” shaped fibre.

Leading the way, ProGreen has perfected an array of new fibre lengths that will delight homeowners looking for distinctive looks beyond the conventional manicured offerings traditionally used in residential applications. Our new Canadian artificial grass series of products extend fibres by a remarkable 2″- 2 ½”. Freshly mowed lawns are classically cut at 2″.
Our newest artificial grass offerings Canadian Deluxe at 2″ might be the ideal choice, or others may prefer the slightly taller fibre, our Canadian Supreme at 2 ½”. Either way, new products mean new consumers’ choices, and we think we have the ideal product for all homeowners.

Made 100% In USA

Here at ProGreen Canada, “Made in the USA” actually means that our most trusted artificial turf products are manufactured 100% from start to finish in USA-based facilities. ProGreen’s artificial grass production is a two-phase process: 1st yarn extrusion and 2nd tufting. The creation of fibres is known as yarn extrusion, while adhering the fibre to the backing is tufting. Many synthetic grass companies tuft their products in the USA; however, they are purchasing the yarn from overseas. Our unique quality proposition is to maintain the entire manufacturing process in America, making us the most trusted artificial turf in Canada and beyond.

No Overseas Heavy Metals

ProGreen Canada is Most Trusted Artificial Turf unlike turf manufactured overseas, which is often of poor quality and may contain lead or other heavy metals. Be confident that ProGreen Synthetic Turf Systems is 100% lead and heavy metal-free and manufactured using the industry’s highest quality standards.

Proprietary Tuft Bind

Only a small number of companies can claim to provide products made in America, of which very few make them in-house. Our proprietary production process is sought after by our clients, who demand the industry’s finest tuft bind.

Decades Of Experience

ProGreen Synthetic Grass started in 1987 and has been producing artificial grass for 30 years. They have devoted decades of experience to offering nothing but the best products for all of your synthetic turf needs.