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All-Pro Rubber Solutions is proud to serve the BC Interior.


Welcome to All-Pro Rubber Paving, located in Kelowna & serving the BC Interior. We use recycled tires and EPDM rubber for beautifully paved driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways, stairs, playgrounds and more.


For a fun, safe, accessible, and durable surface, SHERPLAY® stands out in both looks, feel and longevity. SHERPLAY® surfaces are the best in Canada because of the superior science and testing behind the product.

Rubber Surfaces

Poured-in-place does not have migration or thinning issues like loose-fill surfaces. Our long-lasting surfaces ensure year-round coverage without regular maintenance and the cost for replacement fill. They are accessible and truly barrier-free for wheelchairs, walkers, etc. This surfacing technique also provides a clean playground surface. In the winter, our surfaces are not prone to freezing solid like pea gravel and water saturated wood fibre.


Spray Parks & Pools

An attractive and porous or sealed rubber surface with anti-slip and antibacterial properties designed for use in areas with constant exposure to water.  With a mountain of color options available, this surface application opens up a world of possible creative themes and great areas for fun in the sun!

Rubber Surfaces

There is no limit to the surface designs that can be made from a great variety of standard colours and innumerable customised blends. The same wide range of colours allows you to create a poolside surround or a splash pad floor covering that really stands out.

Flexible & Reliable

The surface is installed in-situ with no gaps or openings and can, due to its “liquid” properties during installation, be laid closely against any shape or item already installed. This makes it a superior pool decking material compared to poured concrete pool decking or natural stone as water cannot damage the surface through gaps. As a result, Playtop Aquatic has a longer life span than traditional flooring, making it more cost-effective per square foot.

Playtop Aquatic

The array of available colours is also an opportunity for customers to turn the decking surface itself into an integrated and fun part of the play theme and design.

Playtop Aquatic is, furthermore, an environmentally friendly, sustainable and safe surface that provides slip resistance and safety to its users and is made from tested high-quality components that have undergone rigorous testing.

Playtop Aquatic is resistant to both freshwater, seawater and chlorinated pool water, making it resistant to mold and mildew growth.

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