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All-Pro Rubber Paving Solutions is proud to serve the BC Interior.


Welcome to All-Pro Rubber Paving, located in Kelowna & serving the BC Interior. We use recycled tires and EPDM rubber for beautifully paved driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways, stairs, playgrounds and more.

Our SBR recycled rubber and EPDM granules comes in several colours that can be mixed to create a personalized look for any project.  The non-slip surface makes rubber paving a safer and more cost effective alternative to concrete or asphalt which may become slippery after it rains.

Our Rubber Paving Process can refresh the look of any aged surface.

Resurfacing unsightly driveways, concrete pads, walkways, decks and other surface areas with our eco-friendly and cost effective rubber paving, you will benefit with a durable rubberized surface that is made for Canadian weather, and improves the value of your property. Rubber paving saves thousands of tires from traditional disposal by recycling them for use in our superior rubber paving surfaces.

Residential & Commercial applications:

  • Driveway, walkways, curbs & steps.
  • Pool decks, patios, or concrete pads.
  • Garage floors
  • Playgrounds
  • Sports Surfaces
  • Commercial Common Areas

What is Rubber Paving?

SBR Recycled Tire and EPDM rubber paving provides a creative and sustainable solution for an array of outdoor spaces. From driveways to pool areas, rubber paving offers traction control with a soft, yielding surface underfoot. The perfect material for our hot Okanagan summers! It does not get hot to the touch and you can walk on it with bare feet. You will not get water pooling as it is porous. Plus shovelling snow and ice is a breeze as ice won’t adhere to it. With rubber’s increased tensile strength even on sloped surfaces, rubber paving allows homeowners to achieve the look they want with the added value of safety and longevity.

Rubber paving is a great cost-effective solution to revive a tired driveway or pool deck. A mixture of rubber and a binder are used to resurface cracked and worn surfaces by pouring it over them to create a smooth new look. Recycled tires are used to make rubber surfacing by shredding them into granules that are then adhered to a surface with a Aromatic adhesive to hold these rubber granules in place. When the adhesive is mixed with the granules, a substance that is similar to wet-pour cement is created. The substance is then poured over a surface and allowed to set. 

Rubber Paving is made for the Canadian climate and is extremely durable. It will not crack due to frost heaving from winter or summer like other hard surfaces. Rubber paving flexes with the seasons. Best of all, you can use our rubber paving solutions to resurface your deck, garage or your basement floor. The many styles and colors mean you can customise each surface to your tastes.

We offer two types of Rubber Granules 

  • SBR Rubber Granules are made with recycled rubber that is double-coloured, environmental & cost effective.
  • EPDM Granules are made with new manufactured rubber allowing for more variety of bright colours.

Why is Rubber Paving Great for the Environment?

Our SBR product helps save the environment by keeping recycled tires out of landfills so that your driveway actually contributes toward keeping waste out of landfill.  Also, as rubber is non-toxic, you are reducing the amount of toxic chemicals that are let out into the environment.  

Cost Savings with Rubber Paving

You won’t have to worry about the hassle of ripping out and disposing of the old concrete, asphalt, or pavers. Rubber paving can be installed right on top, concealing the old pavement as though it were never there while making cracks and potholes disappear making sure that the final surface is smooth, slip resistant, and long-lasting. This saves you money on the cost of removal of old surfacing. 

Our skilled crew will install and completely transform your surface in 1 or 2 days!  With our rubber paving, a potentially big project suddenly became a quick, easy, and cheap one. Contact us today to see how your home renovation project can turn in to a quick and affordable project.  Available in 9 vibrant colours that you can mix to create your own personalized look to complement your Home. *We offer custom color blends with a mix of 2-3 colors

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