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Primary Yarn Face: Twined Proprietary Polypropylene Blend
Thatch Yarn: None
Pile Height: 0.5625”
Face Weight: 36 oz. per sq yd.
Primary Backing: Proprietary QuadriBIND™ Backing
Secondary Backing: 20 oz. urethane per sq yd.
Total Product Weight: 65 oz. per sq yd.
Perforations: None 
Warranty: 15-years (See full warranty for terms & conditions)
Not be confused with a nylon putting surface (not recommended for the outdoors!) Having the best ball roll of any polypropylene putting surface available, our PG AUGUSTA is 100% American made! Our premier putting surfaces putt true are non-directional and rolls true on the day installed and stays that way for the product’s life some 25-30 years.
At the “Putting Green Company,” we can get the ball to run to a 10 on the stimp meter. Install over a big beefy aggregate base and topped with (finely crushed stone), chip from 40 yards out (2 lbs. of infill sand required.) OR glue over concrete or modular surface ( but it only chips well from 10 yards out.)

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