Fitness Flooring & Mats

Fitness Flooring & Mats

APS Surface solutions offers a wide range of fitness related (aerobics / weights / martial arts) rubber flooring products that provide an attractive surface with high quality cushioning and impact-absorbing properties.

Our extensive product line of fitness flooring includes a variety of thicknesses of rolled rubber, rubber mats and rubber interlocking floor tiles. With a wide selection of colour options to choose from and various thicknesses to suit a multitude of Fitness flooring needs, our dynamic range of rubber flooring products are designed for high-impact weight training or low-impact aerobics classes. Whatever the Fitness Sport our durable rubber surfacing is designed to absorb impact and reduce noise and vibration, plus all our products are easy to clean, maintain and are eco-friendly.

All-Pro Athletic Mats


Ideal for a wide variety of Martial Arts, Fitness & YOGA, our 1-Inch Mats are the international standard for tournaments and training facilities alike.  These 1-inch training mats offer the most stable, yet cushioned, surface, and are specifically developed for any variety of fitness training. Their superior surface grip and internal stability make them the ideal flooring for ease of movement, while offering enough shock absorption for the occasional fall or to provide comfort while stretching on the floor.


The 1-Inch Mats are the preferred choice among YOGA Studios, and Fitness Clubs.  The mats are also available in 1.5” or 2.0” depth to provide more cushion for increased contact.


Superior Protection & Durability

All-Pro Mats offer ample protection against common injuries caused by fall in martial arts and combat sports. At the core of every 1-Inch Mat is made from a multi-density, open-cell foam that is held together with a proprietary adhesive process. This gives you multiple benefits:

  • Greater comfort and fewer injuries due to superior shock absorption.

  • Sound absorption: experience less noise pollution and quieter training.

  • Better insulation: reduce your utility costs by insulating your flooring.

  • Greater durability & lifespan: the foam will not easily flatten or breakdown over time and our covering will not easily tear, wear down, or be punctured, significantly extending the life of your training mats.


Water Resistant, Anti-Skid, & Easy-to-Clean

On the exterior, every All-Pro Mat is surfaced and edged with a reinforced closed-cell vinyl that is durable, water resistant, and easy to clean with a variety of different types of disinfectants and mineral deposit cleaners.

What makes our vinyl covering different than any other?

  • Every APS Mat receives an antimicrobial treatment to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

  • Water resistant: all corners are hand-finished to ensure a moisture-proof seam that prevents sweat, water, and cleaners from penetrating the cover and ruining the interior foam core.

  • Anti-slip: the underside of APS Mats features a natural anti-skid surface made of rubber for added stability. Our mats stay in place when installed properly!