Daycare & Playground Applications

Day Care and Playground Applications

The most important thing to consider when selecting outdoor playground flooring or indoor play area surfacing is safety. Since most childhood playground injuries occur as the result of falls to the ground, the material used in playground flooring must provide a cushion for protection.

Whether it’s for an indoor play area, day care, or outdoor playground, you can feel safe with our playground safety surfaces. We provide a variety of safe, durable, and attractive daycare & Play Area surface options that are great for any indoor or outdoor play areas that will see a great deal of foot traffic.

Optimized for safety and comfort, our seamless rubber park & recreation surfacing, and rubber tiles are all designed to enhance the comfort, safety and appearance of your play area. Guaranteed to perform at the highest standards and provide added protection for visitors. All our childcare flooring products are designed to provide maximum cushioning capabilities and anti-shock and anti-fatigue properties, to ensure you have a safe daycare floor that suits the needs of your childminding facility.